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  • Understanding the Procedure

    Mount Elizabeth, Kidney Sparing Surgery for Early Kidney Cancers

    Due to advances in abdominal imaging diagnostic techniques, kidney cancers are being diagnosed earlier. We always aim to provide swift diagnosis at our hospital, in hope that you might be able to avoid having your entire kidney removed. Our specialists recommend kidney sparing surgery, or partial nephrectomy, as the preferred surgery of choice. It aims to preserve your healthy kidney tissues while only removing the tumour.

    The most critical part of this surgery is the cutting away (excision) of the tumour followed by the repair and reconstruction of the nephrons and muscles that are affected by the removal process. Our experienced surgeons do this quickly to prevent kidney damage from lack of oxygen and blood supply to the kidney. While this is a challenge with conventional laparoscopic nephrectomy and its straight laparoscopic instruments, the articulated EndoWrist instruments from the da Vinci® system enables your surgeon to complete the complex procedure quickly and efficiently.

    Your specialist will most likely recommend you for kidney sparing surgery if you suffer from early kidney cancer.

  • Some of the advantages you will experience with our robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy over conventional laparoscopic surgery include:

    • Excellent clinical outcomes and cancer control, which helps to prevent potential kidney disease in the future.
    • A shorter hospital stay.
    • Accurate tumour removal and kidney reconstruction.
    • Excellent chance of preserving the remaining healthy kidney, which reduces the need for dialysis.
    • Lower blood loss and reduced risk of operative complications.
  • Your goal of getting swift, accurate and effective treatment is our strength. Our skilled team of specialists and staff operate at Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Mount Elizabeth Novena – both award-winning hospitals with advanced technology and modern facilities. Take your first step towards better health today, and experience the high-quality, customised healthcare that has made us one of the leading medical institutions in Asia-Pacific.

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